Coatings and Finishes

Accoya cladding can be left to weather naturally and will eventually turn a grey colour over time. For more information see, our technical weathering document. If you prefer, you can choose to stain or paint Accoya to achieve the look you require. If you wish to avoid natural weathering there are many coatings options available please contact us for further information on coatings.

James Latham offers Accoya cladding with coatings and stains tested by leading manufacturers. These coating manufacturers include:

  • Teknos
  • Sikkens
  • Morrells
  • Sansin
  • Drywood

Sansin Finish line Coatings

A low VoC, non-film coating in 12 exclusive, contemporary colours. The penetrating, matt finish allows the beauty of the grain to show through. The Accoya’s uniquely sanded and brushed surface allows the non-film based Sansin coating to penetrate beneath the surface of the timber, allowing the paint to bind to the cells preventing peeling and cracking.

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Summer Oak


Slate grey


Pearl grey

Vintage black


Honey Glow


Ice Grey


Charred and Brushed Accoya

Charred Accoya cladding is a modern application of the ancient Japanese art of charring to provide a beautiful distinctive timber cladding. It is available in many dimensions and profiles to order.

Graphite Accoya

New England Accoya

Anthracite Accoya

Charred Accoya

Light Brush Accoya

Heavy Brushed Accoya

Accoya Coatings

Coatings can be either a Translucent Wood Stain or Solid Opaque, film build or low film build. A set of standard colours are available on Accoya. Bespoke colours are also available upon request.

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Obsidian Black

Cozzene Grey

Silver Charm

Remco van den TopCoatings and Finishes