Ideal for Cladding

Accoya is perfect for external cladding, with a 50 year guarantee above ground, its stability and durability benefits are remarkable.

Accoya wood is also suitable for other applications including windows, doors and decking. Find out more here. 

coatings life

Accoya® wood is the ultimate substrate, and its lower maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental credentials. Coatings may be translucent or opaque, allowing for more adventurous colour schemes that will endure.

Use of wide cladding boards available

Use of wider cladding boards is allowed by the improved dimensional stability.

Features and Benefits

Highly Stable

Highly Durable

Naturally Insulating

Low Maintenance

Insect Resistant

Long Service Life

Natural Wood

Sustainably Sourced

Excellent Machinability

Low Environmental Impact

Proof is in the pudding:
Accoya® celebrates a decade of durability

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